Volunteers make it happen...

We can’t say it enough, because it is so fundamentally important: Great Works Regional Land Trust is a grass-roots, member-supported and volunteer-driven organization. Conservation starts with the dreams of landowners for the future of their land. Stewardship of those lands continues thanks to member dues and donations that support staff oversight, tax payments, etc.. Essentially everything else gets done by our volunteer engine.


160 individuals contributed their time and talent in the past year and a half to build trails, stuff envelopes, park cars, clip newspaper articles, mow grass, bake cookies, review our finances, talk to neighbors about conservation, man booths at fairs, design postcards and…the list goes on.

Giving your time and energy to your community really does make a difference. From long term projects like overhauling a barn at Beach Plum Farm to short stints delivering newsletters – every donation of time matters! Thank you to everyone who volunteered this year and welcome to every new volunteer we expect to meet in the coming year.

Volunteer list

Meet Gerry Desilets, volunteer extraordinaire