Trail Expansion at Bauneg Beg

A 6-member Maine Conservation Corps (MCC) crew spent 8 days in late May and early June on our Bauneg Beg property in North Berwick, performing a variety of much-needed trail work. The dedicated and hard-working crew, hailing from all over New England, first created a new trail to the summit. Approximately 1/2-mile long, and traversing a lovely beech forest, the new trail links Bauneg Beg Hill Road with the summit and makes accessible the southern half of the property.

Although there is no parking lot, visitors can park on the shoulder of Bauneg Beg Hill Road near the beginning of the trail. With prior approval from the Town of North Berwick, the crew also extended, by over 1/2-mile, the trail through the Town’s parcel and back onto GWRLT’s parcel so that it connects to the main trail just below Devil’s Den. And finally, they installed 5 rock waterbars across a long, straight, steep section of the main trail. These waterbars slow the downward movement of rainwater (quickly moving runoff is the main source of erosion on hillside trails), and shunt it off to one side of the trail where it disperses more slowly in the ground vegetation and leaf litter. Thank you very much to the MCC program, and especially to the crew (Brian, Alyssa, Bear, Carl, Lauren, and crew leader Phil) for a job well done.

More about Bauneg Beg Conservation Area, including directions and links to maps.