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O’Brien, Kate- S2004

Office Opens- F2004, W2005

Onion, Fritz and Susan- S2006

Open Space, planning for- S2003

Orris Falls- A1999, A2000, A2001, S2003, A2003, W2004, F2005, F2006


Palmer, Patricia- S2000

Patagonia Winter Sale-A2003, W2004

Payne, Robert- F2006

Peabody, Henry- A2001

Peace Volunteers- S2003, A2003

Perpetuity and the Future- S2004

Piscataqua Community Foundation- W2003

Planning for Open Space- S2003

Pond, York- S1999, A2001

Prize and Price of Shorefront Property- A2003

Protecting Our Woodlots- A2000

Public Access- A2002

Punkintown Payne Parcel- F2006


Quaking Place- W2002


Ramsdell, Neil- A2003

Robinson, Pat- S2004

Roe Fields Extension- A2002

Rudolph, John- F2004


Schleiderer, Alice- S2006

Schoolhouse Field Easement- S2006

Schorer, Martin and Janet- W2002

Sense of Place, A- F2006

Smith, Tin- A2002, S2002, S2004, W2006, F2007

Smith, Martin and Jane- S2004

Smith, Sue- S2000, S2001, W2002

Smullen, Brendan- A2002

SoBo Books & Coffee- S2004

South Berwick, Town Donation- F2006

Staff Endowment Fund- W2001

Stadler, Justine- S2005

Sterl, Brad- S2006

Stevens, Gary- F2007

Stevens, Rachel- S2005

Stormwater Management- W2004