Past Newsletters by Year



W 2018 Winter/Spring 2018     Great Works Volunteer Stewardship Network


F2017 Conservation Donation on the Salmon Falls River

S2017 Summer 2017 Ogunquit River Trail Network Opening: A Collaboration

W 2017 Winter/Spring 2017     Farmland Conservation...


F2016 Fall 2016 Goodwin Farm in Eliot

S2016 Summer 2016     30 Years of Generous Donations of Land

W 2016 Winter/Spring 2016    A New Trail in Berwick


F2015 Fall 2014     Many Hands Supporting Conservation...

S2015 Summer 2014     Townspeople Make the Difference!

W 2015 Winter/Spring 2014     La Pierre Farm in Berwick


F2014 Fall 2014     Brooks Farm in Berwick Bequeathed to Great Works

S2014 Summer 2014    Partnering with Maine Farmland Trust

W 2014 Winter/Spring 2014     York Pond Conservation


F2013 Fall 2013     Outdoors With Great Works

S2013 Summer 2013     The Gerard Desrochers Memorial Forest in South Berwick

W2013 Winter/Spring 2013     100th Project Completed!


F2012 Fall 2012     Ogunquit Land Gift Helps Protect Ogunquit Watershed

S2012 Summer 2012 Thinking Local: Farms and Food

W2012 Winter/Spring 2012      Looking Ahead


F2011 Fall 2011     Volunteers Make the Difference

S2011 Summer 2011     Celebrating 25 Years of People and Places

W2011 Winter/Spring 2011     Focus Area: Beaver Dam Heath


F2010 Fall 2010     Piecing Together the Puzzle: Forests

S2010 Summer 2010 Piecing Together the Puzzle: Farms

W2010 Winter/Spring     2010 Piecing Together the Puzzle: Water

F2009 Fall 2009 Piecing Together the Puzzle: Strategic Conservation Plan

S2009 Summer 2009     Grover Lands in North Berwick

W2009 Winter/Spring 2009      Together We Do Great Things


F2008 Fall 2008     Watersheds...Protecting Our Vital Resource

S2008 Summer 2008     Stewardship...Taking Care of What We Have

W2008 Winter/Spring 2008     In the Pines: Savage Wildlife Preserve


F2007 Fall 2007     For the Love of the Land...Abenaki Field, Wells

S2007 Summer 2007     How We Work

W2007 Winter/Spring 2007     Farmland: Goransson Easement in Eliot


F2006 Fall 2006     Growing Up...

S2006 Summer 2006     A Sense of Place...

W2006 Winter/Spring 2006     20 Years...Keeping the Promise


F2005 Fall 2005 Exploring our Trust - Digging Deeper

S2005 Summer 2005     Making Things Happen...

W2005 Winter/Spring2005    60th Project Completed!

F2004 Fall 2004     Clark Farm Homestead Easement

S2004 Summer 2004    Mt. Agamenticus Conservation Plan Released

W2004 Winter/Spring 2004     Our Farms, Fields and Forests


F2003 Fall 2003     Three Public Places

S 2003 Summer 2003     Trust's 50th Project: Tatnic Hill

W 2003 Winter/Spring 2003     Backyard & Beyond Adventure Auction


Fall 2002     2nd Annual Mt. A Challenge Road Race & Walkathon

Summer 2002     Food With a Face, a Place, and a Taste

Winter/Spring 2002     Frontage on Leigh's Mill Pond Donated


Fall 2001     Big Strides for the Greater Mt. Agamenticus Region

Summer 2001     Fifteen Years of the GWRLT

Winter/Spring 2001     Bauneg Beg Goal in Sight


Fall 2000     First Closing for Bauneg Beg Mountain

Summer 2000  Bauneg Beg Mountain Project Halfway to Goal

Winter/Spring 2000     7th Annual Spring Auction


Fall 1999     Trust Purchases Oris' Falls

Summer 1999     Conserving York Pond