Douglas Memorial Woods

Located in the village center of Eliot is a 22-acre parcel of woods and wetlands with a 3/4 mile trail. Essentially flat, the trail meanders through a variety of habitats and vegetative communities. The dark, shadowy pine forest is sometimes gloomy and foreboding, at other times it is a cool and calm oasis. Red maples are bright in the early fall. Small streams meander through the property and the wetlands are extensive during wet seasons. Bridges and bog bridging have been installed to allow passage at all times, and walkers will find a variety of experiences in this quiet spot, dependent on the time of day, the season, and the weather. View Facebook photo album.

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Directions: The trailhead is located at the intersection of Old Road with State Road (Route 103) in the village of Eliot, near the Fogg Memorial Library. The John F. Hill Grange has kindly allowed  parking for users of the trail at their Grange Hall at 1333 State Road. Go to Google Map:

Douglas Memorial Woods was donated by Susan Fleming in memory of her parents, Maynard and Marjorie Fleming Douglas, who owned and farmed this and adjacent parcels. With the help of Kennebunk Savings Bank and Eliot residents, a 3?4 mile public trail was constructed on this land in 2006.


from newsletter Fall 2006:

Maynard and Marjorie Fernald Douglas would be extremely proud of the public trail at Douglas Memorial Woods, their daughter Susan Douglas Fleming said following its dedication on September 30, 2006. An exuberant Fleming, who donated the 22-acre parcel to Great Works Regional Land Trust six years ago, led the family contingent at the trail’s ribbon-cutting and sign unveiling ceremony attended by about 25 people. Her nephew David Douglas set the tone for the event by playing Maynard’s World War I-issue bugle that he used years later to summon his young children home from their play in these very woods and fields. The entrance to the trail is at the intersection of State and Old Roads in Eliot, near the Fogg Memorial Library. Parking is available at the John F. Hill Grange.

Overseeing the installation of the Douglas Memorial Woods trail was my first major project as Stewardship Coordinator for Great Works. It was indeed a challenge to coordinate such diverse groups as the Cub Scouts, the Maine Conservation Corps and AmeriCorps, and Great Works’ own enthusiastic and talented Board members and volunteers. It took up most of my part-time hours during August and September. I’m thrilled with the results, and more importantly, people seem to enjoy the trail. We’ve had lots of positive feedback.

Although it is essentially flat, the trail meanders through a variety of habitats and vegetative communities that seem to transport people to other worlds. The dark, shadowy pine forest, for example, is gloomy and foreboding to some, while for others like me it feels like a cool, refreshing oasis (at least on a warm summer day), a sanctuary away from the noise and bustle of the outside world. I’m tempted to put in a bench or two at strategic points to encourage lingering and introspection. The Douglas Memorial Woods property is somewhat understated and not all that easy to find, but a stroll along its three-quarter mile trail and bog bridging is definitely worth the effort.

- Darrell DeTour

The new public walking trail at Douglas Memorial Woods represents a tremendous volunteer effort as well as generous financial support from Kennebunk Savings Bank and Eliot residents. Young people from AmeriCorps and the Maine Conservation Corps, Scout troops and their families, and Land Trust volunteers all pitched in; Jacquelyn Nooney Landscape of Eliot donated crushed stone. The intrepid volunteers cleared the trail, removed invasive plants, installed bridges, laid the stone, and built raised walkways through wetlands on the 3/4-mile loop.