Grant's Meadow at Beaver Dam Heath

Upland forest interspersed with vernal pools yields to the important and fragile wetlands of Beaver Dam Heath, home to animals that need extensive range and diverse habitat to thrive. The 145-acre Grant’s Meadow preserve is located in the northwest portion of the Heath, south of Old Sanford Rd.

Trail conditions:  A 3/4 -mile loop trail winds through the upland forest. The wetlands of the Heath, however, are best traversed when the ground is frozen and a trail there will be flagged. Caution is advised as it is easy to lose one’s direction on a cloudy day as there are no landmarks visible. Contact GWRLT for guided winter hikes.




Noteworthy facts: Beaver Dam Heath was managed for hay until recent times. A fire in the late 1940s burned the peat, the land subsided and was flooded by Beaver Dam Creek.

Directions: From Rte. 236 in Berwick, travel east on Rte. 9/School St. for 2.1 miles, then left onto Old Sanford Rd. for 2.4 miles. Turn right onto Diamond Hill Rd. for .3 miles. The parking area is on the right.