Negutaquet Conservation Area


Located off of Lebanon Road in North Berwick, this 100 acre property was donated by Vera Spohr in 2012. The property is home to approximately 2 miles of trail systems and features trail highlights such as the 'Double Oak,' a small riverside cemetery, beaver habitat, and meadows along with forested land.

219 Lebanon Road, North Berwick  Link to google map.

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The Negutaquet Conservation Area is a beautiful, restful place with open fields and scenic views. Nearly two miles of wooded trails wind through a primarily hardwood forest and along the property’s Negutaquet River frontage. The old Weymouth family cemetery lies along the trail, overlooking the river.  And, an ancient double oak is a featured landmark on another section.

Negutaquet is an important conservation parcel in North Berwick, a town that may see significant growth in the coming years. The Negutaquet Conservation Area provides public access and recreational opportunities for North Berwick and the region. Conservation of this parcel helps to protect water quality in the region. The Negutaquet River flows into the Great Works River (in downtown North Berwick), which in turn flows into the Salmon Falls River. It all eventually reaches the Great Bay estuary which is vitally important for fish, shellfish and migrating waterfowl. The Trust hopes the property will serve as the centerpiece for future conservation efforts, possibly with hiking access all the way from downtown. Great Works is poised to conserve several farms in North Berwick as well.

The 100-acre property was donated to Great Works Regional Land Trust in 2011 by Vera Spohr. When she purchased the property, it had been approved for a suburban subdivision but taken over by the bank. She bought the threatened property and her later gift of it to Great Works ensures that it is saved for future generations. Spohr retains a lot and small cabin on the original property.

Board member Todd Hoffman of North Berwick worked with Spohr on the conservation project. “We are honored to award a lifetime membership to Vera, whose vision and dedication have been so generously demonstrated. She saw the need to save open spaces for future generations. That she wishes to share it now so others can also appreciate and love this special place, is a generous gift indeed,” said Hoffman.

Spohr wrote to Great Works recently, in appreciation of the work of Great Works Stewardship Coordinator Darrell DeTour, “…he has mapped out trails which enhance the land and its use. He has worked with the Maine Conservation Corps and volunteers to carve out trails which look natural, enticing and interesting. Probably more difficult, and every bit as important, he has worked with Brad and me and the neighbors to the effect that everyone feels included and their interests considered. I feel grateful to be working with him and look forward to this continuing relationship with GWRLT.”

Grants from Kennebunk Savings, LL Bean Maine Land Trust Grants, and Norcross Foundation provided funding for trail work as part of their commitments to public access and recreational opportunities. The property will offer area residents the opportunities for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing as well as hiking.

Addition of the Nequtaquet Trail network brings Great Works’ number of maintained public trails to ten. Contact or visit to join Great Works Regional Land Trust and for information on other conservation opportunities. Visit the office at Beach Plum Farm in Ogunquit.