Grover-Herrick Preserve

Located in North Berwick of of West Fifth street, the 50-acre Grover-Herrick Conservation Area is a wooded property with a mixture of native trees and plants. It is our only property with river frontage of Bauneg Beg Pond and the headwaters of the Great Works River. The property includes another unique feature, a glacial kettle hole. A kettle hole is a glacially formed bog, where at one point a chunk of glacier was stranded and partially covered with glacial outwash.  Great Works did a timber harvest on the property in 2011 as part of our forest management plan. There is a one mile loop trail along the property.

The property was donated by two families, Grover and Herrick. The Grover family donated three parcels, two of which have frontage on Bauneg Beg Pond. Donald Herrick donated 2 acres abutting the Grover lands to the north and lying along West 5th street to the south, providing street access to the Grover lands directly.

The trail is a loop trail that is approximately one mile long, with vistas of the river and kettle hole. It is wooded and prone to ticks.

From North Berwick center heading Northeast on Route 4 for approximately 2.7 miles take a left onto Morrills Mill Road. Drive on Morrills Mill Road for approximately 2 miles until you reach West Fifth Street, take this right. Parking for Grover-Herrick Preserve will be on the left of this road about a quarter mile down the road.

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