Great Works' Education Program

Great Works' Education Program

With its 119 properties including farms, forests, wetlands, fields and marshes, Great Works Regional Land Trust (GWRLT) provides numerous opportunities for local students to meet Maine Educational Standards while developing appreciation for the communities in which they live.

Staff and volunteers at GWRLT are working to create programs for these engaged and participatory learning opportunities.

GWRLT currently offers:

School presentations, guided field trips on a GWRLT property, a seasonal E-news, and outdoor education resources.

GWRLT Education Committee

GWRLT's Education Committee includes a staff organizer, Brenna Crothers, Outreach Coordinator for the land trust and three community volunteers: Kate Hanson, Jane Smith and Margaret Miller-Weeks. All four have experience in education and bring a passion and love for the outdoors into their work.

School Presentations

Through its program designed for middle school students, staff and volunteers from Great Works bring a presentation to the school that both presents information, invites discussion, includes input and encourages critical thinking about the inter-relationships of academic subjects within each property.

Visit to a GWRLT Property

School classes that come to study within a GWRLT property can expect an enriching and broad-based academic experience that both highlights the variety of learning areas captured in this area and provides opportunities for specific focus and discovery.  All students will be provided information about the property to review before they arrive. This preliminary research into the property will serve as the beginning of their visit.

Maine State Standards met through GWRLT site visit: Maine State Standards & GWRLT Site Visit

Seasonal E-news


Downloadable Scavenger Hunt

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in becoming involved in the Great Works Education Program? Contact staff organizer, Brenna Crothers: for more information.