Watershed Protection

Like farmland, fresh water is a finite and limited resource. Studies show that just 6–10% coverage of a watershed with impermeable surfaces will result in degraded water quality in streams and rivers. The conservation of open space allows soils to filter rainwater. Protection of wetlands provides rich habitat for birds, amphibians and reptiles along with critical storm water catchment and protection from flooding.

York River watershed: GWRLT has worked to conserve a number of properties in Eliot and South Berwick near York Pond, headwaters of the York River. We continue to work with Mt. Agamenticus to the Sea to conserve land and farmland along the York River. 

Ogunquit River watershed: Part of the Mt. Agamenticus region, the water quality of the Ogunquit River is vital to the health of our salt water marshes and beaches. The Orris Falls Conservation Area and other projects in the Tatnic region of Wells and South Berwick help to protect the water quality.

Great Works River watershed: Beginning all the way up by our Bauneg Beg Mountain Conservation Area, the Great Works River drains a large portion of the land in North Berwick and South Berwick. We have many properties along the Great Works River.

Branch Brook watershed: Wells and Kennebunk