Volunteers George and Marion Muller

George Muller and Marion Glomp-Muller have been active volunteers, putting in countless hours updating the files and stewardship records at the office. They both work on our bulk mailings and have run the booths at community events and fairs. George has helped paint the barns at Beach Plum Farm, done several of our conservation easement monitoring walks, and volunteered for trail work days. He is an active member of the Stewardship Committee. They both served and worked on the lobster bake that was auctioned off at the 2005 spring auction. In addition to the volunteer work for GWRLT, Marion also volunteers at the Senior Center in South Berwick and George has been an active volunteer for the Old Berwick Historical Society. George and Marion are true outdoors people, with hiking, gardening and camping at the top of their lists for leisure activities.

George and Marion moved to South Berwick from Germany in 2004. Both are native Germans, though George lived in the U.S. with his family from the age of 10 to 20 and is a U.S. citizen since 1961. When he returned to Germany, he obtained a conservatory education and spent his career as a bassoonist with several German orchestras. Born in Hamburg during the war, Marion was a secretary early in her career, but spent the last 25 years as a social worker.

Every other year since 1974, they have been coming to the U.S. for their six-week vacations. They had friends in the area, so they kept their camping gear in South Berwick, and used this as a base to travel to everywhere: the West Coast, the Grand Canyon, the South and even into Mexico and Canada. In 1996 they bought a house in South Berwick to be close to friends and finally made the move to Maine in 2004.

We appreciate their extraordinary level of commitment. 

- Susan Lamb

Winter 2006 issue of Great Works